Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love and Squalor Riesling - Willamette Valley

When I was in Portland with Outstanding In The Field I enjoyed my first glass of Love and Squalor. Portland was my favorite city/dinner on tour and I always talked about Love and Squalor wine. I love the wine! It is sweet - but not too sweet and very refreshing. I am a big foodie - but just recently I am starting to learn about wine and how to pair wine with great food. I enjoy tasting their unique flavors on my palate. It is something that I love learning about and something that I hope I can one day write about. For now...I can truly say that Love in Squalor is my first favorite wine and first wine I have written about. Maybe I should write an article on the wine maker! Cheers to Matt for producing an amazing wine and sparking an interest inside of me to want to learn more...

Jason French and Ben Meyer with restaurant Ned Ludd paired his wine to go with their meal. They prepared Grilled Salmon with Smoked Salmon Hash and Ford Farm Smoked Beef Shoulder & Grilled Midsection with Creamed Collards & Kale for the main course. It was a wonderful meal with great company and of course great wine.

Matt Berson, assistant winemaker for Ransom Wine Co. in Portland also makes Love and Squalor on the side. "A boutique winery producing fine Riesling and Pinot noir in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Every silver lining has a dark cloud, and either is a darn good excuse to crack another bottle of Love & Squalor." Matt Berson makes his wine at Brooks Wines on Eola Hills Road - using organic grapes.

As noted by a write up on the wine, it is full of "lemons, crisp apples and herbs. The palate is loaded with bold, luscious acidity (would you believe 2.83 pH?) balanced with a bit of sweetness (1.8% residual sugar). This shows off tons of fruit, including sweet apples, peaches, mangoes and pears, all the way through the flinty finish. A stunning, breathtaking wine."

Critics pair the wine with chorizo con huevos, chicken tikka masala or any number of spicy Thai dishes. I agree - however it is also a refreshing wine on its own.

For Christmas, Trent surprised me with a case of Love and Squalor. What a wonderful surprise! And what a treasure! You can only find his wine in Oregon - however Matt will ship it to you on request. I promise you will not be disapointed. He only produces around 100 cases, so it is a small production. But a must try if you love good wine. ($18 a bottle).

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